An overdue thank you

I've been meaning to write this post for several weeks now, ever since I received a brand new 55 gallon Epoch rain barrel, courtesy of Gail at Clay and Limestone. The rain barrel was one of the prizes in the book party and giveaway hosted by Pam at Digging. Hearing from Gail that I had won the rain barrel was a wonderful surprise, as I can't remember ever winning a drawing before.

The rain barrel is sturdily-constructed and well-designed. Plus, multiple barrels can be linked together! I wish our first rain barrel had been an Epoch barrel. Please excuse the blurry phone picture. I think this is the largest item I've ever received by mail. We haven't installed it yet. That would be moving far too quickly at this house.

This is our second 55 gallon barrel. I use the first one almost entirely for houseplants, ever since we installed a water softener for the house. Now that we have two, I should at least not have to worry about the water running out during the summer dry season. I might even be able to spare some for plants in the garden.

So, Gail and the people at Epoch Rain Barrels, please accept my long overdue but heartfelt thanks for my new rain barrel!


  1. Rain barrels are wonderful things! I have 3, the largest of which holds 265 gallons (and was delivered in a moving van). Luckily, my husband installed all of them for me.


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