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Caught Green-handed

Someone called me out in the comments on a recent post, pointing out the nearly oxymoronic title of my blog. How can a plant geek be practical? It's true, my blog title is a bit tongue-in-cheek (sometimes more than a bit). Honestly, no one who identifies themselves as a plant geek can be entirely practical, nor should they be. What's the point if you don't go a little crazy once in awhile?

While I do try to make practical choices for the garden, selecting plants adapted to my conditions and requiring minimal maintenance and input, sometimes plant lust takes over and I end up with some plants that aren't all that practical. I don't worry so much about sensible choices when it comes to indoor plants, though I have eliminated anything that needs water more than once a week and, except for one or two plants under lights, they all handle the dark Pacific Northwest winters with aplomb.
The greenhouse is probably the site of my least practical plant acquisitions, except f…

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