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Visiting Little Prince of Oregon

Back towards the beginning of April (the 8th, to be exact) a group of bloggers, master gardeners, and horticultural professionals assembled at Little Prince of Oregon to tour their impressive and immaculate greenhouses in Aurora, south of Portland. Of course, there was shopping involved, too. I was an attendee last year, but was apparently a bad blogger and never got around to posting about that trip. Since I was the instigator of the tour this year, I'd better make sure I post about it. For a few different perspectives, visit Danger Garden, Chickadee Gardens, and Flutter&Hum.

My garden plans this spring included large quantities of plants like Mahonia nervosa and M. repens, solid, evergreen natives to flesh out the garden around all the (eventually) taller trees and shrubs. Lucky me, I know a whole group of garden bloggers who are always equally eager to take advantage of a rare opportunity to visit a wholesale nursery and shop in exchange for spreading the word about a worth…

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