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Goodbye, 2017,... will not be missed.

True, it wasn't all bad. I had an open garden to "show off" my botanical wonder(mess)land, a fact I find intensely embarrassing now as I look out at my winter landscape. I got to make a second trip to my beloved Brookings, OR, with two wonderful friends. Emotionally, though, this year has taken an enormous toll, for a myriad of reasons which I won't detail here. A few friends have expressed their concern regarding my long silence, so I'm taking advantage of a spurt of energy to assure you all that I'm still here and, at least for now, I plan to return. I can't say for sure what the future will bring.

In an attempt to chase away the blues, if only for a time, I took a walk through the green. Few gardens, in my mind, can match the quiet beauty of a forest, especially on a foggy winter day.
 Sometimes I think I'd be perfectly content with just a nice plot of woods, a "garden" of little more than sword ferns, salal, Ca…

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