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HPSO/Garden Conservancy Pre-Tour

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to take part in a preview of the garden tour held jointly by the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon and the Garden Conservancy. You can find the details on the main event, this Saturday, July 14th, on this page. Proceeds from ticket sales for the tour help to fund the Garden Conservancy and HPSO grant and scholarship programs.

Having come down with a cold immediately after the tour, I've been scrambling (rather lethargically) to water my enormous garden before the heat arrives (today) and attend to all the other things life entails (work, studying, etc.). I've been less than successful and thus I won't be going into as much detail on these gardens as I would have liked. Instead, I'll simply show you my five favorite images from each garden.

First up, the Ferrante Garden, where the pre-tour folks enjoyed a reception with refreshments. Tour-goers this Saturday will have a reception at the end of the tour at Portland Nursery.

Next up is Anna'…

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