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Musings on Inspiration and Direction

Recently, I watched the first episode of Monty Don's American Gardens. First off, I love that he's come to this side of the pond to see the great diversity of gardens across the United States. We have such a dearth of good garden programs these days, and an overabundance of flashy weekend warrior "landscaping" programs that sadly encourage the concept of plants as static, decorative accents instead of portraying plants and gardens as the dynamic living organisms and communities that they are. One must wonder, though, how well American gardens can be represented in a mere 3 episodes. It's a very large country, after all, with a rather wide range of climates and people. I must admit I enjoyed his subtle, and not-so-subtle, digs at some of the gardens and Americans in general. The little moments of culture shock and incredulity as Monty dealt with some of these Americans was also entertaining. I've lived in this country all my life and still I don't fit in t…

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