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Wednesday Vignette: Rain Dance!

I wasn't sure I would have anything to share for Wednesday Vignette, hosted by Anna at Flutter&Hum, having been busy with things other than finding beautiful sights to photograph, but when I woke up this morning and saw nearly two inches of rain in the rain gauge I knew what my "vignette" would be:

I know many people are feeling the loss of summer as Fall officially arrives this Friday and the rainy season in the PNW has begun. Some are already bemoaning the rain, after only a few days. I've caught myself several times on the verge of telling them to "suck it up" or something along those lines, but then I think of how I start griping as soon as the temperatures approach 80 in spring (and continue to do so all summer...). It really wouldn't be fair for me to say anything other than "I'm sorry you're hurting," and try not to rub my glee at the return of rain in their faces too much. I understand your pain (especially those who have t…

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