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Wednesday Vignette: Jumping ahead and picking up where I left off

Wondering about that title? I finally realized I never finished my posts about my trip to Brookings last fall. I sort of trailed off and lost steam. Practically criminal of me, as I'd only just started covering the breathtaking natural areas near the town. For a refresher, see these posts: Brookings Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, you know, if you have a few spare hours and nothing better to do. Perhaps it was a good thing I took a break from those posts, as I could have done nothing but share photos of that trip all through winter (hmm, that doesn't sound so bad, actually).

So now I'm picking that back up. As for jumping ahead, my Wednesday Vignette this week is one of the last photos I took on that trip. There's a lot more to cover, but it fit my mood today too well to wait. Below is a view of Cape Blanco from the slopes of Humbug Mountain (a name which fits my emotional state for the past several months). It's one of the few ocean views visible from the fore…

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