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Visiting Tradewinds Bamboo

Earlier this month, I traveled south to Brookings, OR with two friends. While they were busy with other things, I had an opportunity to backtrack to Gold Beach for a quick tour of Tradewinds Bamboo. And I do mean quick. I spent somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour there, though I would have loved to spend more time. Gib, the owner, gave me a whirlwind tour of his amazing collection, and as I didn't have much, if anything, intelligent to say (I was too busy gawking and drooling) we moved fairly quickly from one plant to the next. I also felt guilty making him stand there while I took photo after photo. I was hoping for overcast skies, but instead the bright sun made for harsh photography conditions that required more time to adjust for from one shot to the next. But anyway, let's move right into the good part: photos!

The rest of the photos are in alphabetical order by scientific name, as that's how they loaded and it seemed just as logical, if not more so, to present th…

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