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Indoor Gardening: DIY Humidity/Drip Trays

The Pacific Northwest has had an abnormally sunny and dry autumn, allowing gardeners to be more active in their outdoor gardens, but this is normally a dark, rainy time in the PNW. It's a time when the indoor garden can save your sanity by bringing foliage and flowers in where you can enjoy them, warm and dry. Modern homes can get pretty dry, though, so boosting humidity around your plants can improve their health. One way to do this is by setting your plants on humidity trays.

I have a set of metal shelves that I added lights to this summer to grow smaller plants on. At first, I had individual drip saucers under each pot, but this was a very inefficient use of space. I had planned on buying or making large humidity/drip trays to set on the shelves so I could set the plants all on one tray and pack them in a little closer together. Ready-made trays can be expensive, unless you get the cheap, shallow, flimsy ones. These can work well as drip trays, but don't provide a deep enou…

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