Wednesday Vignette: South, into the sunset (just go with it)

This week, I'm looking to the sky again for my vignettes. There was a spectacular sunset last weekend. With a wall of Douglas firs directly west of my parents' home, we usually see only bits and pieces of the sunset through the woods. On this particular evening, as the sun sank below the clouds to the west, it struck lower clouds to the south, giving us a beautiful view. The display went fast, though, not only because the sun was sinking quickly, but because the clouds were being blown rapidly to the east. It was a rare treat. Usually, if we want to see the sunset, we have to walk to the top of the road, or, better yet, down to the boardwalk on Silver Lake, about a 1.5 mile walk. How often does one get to look south to see the sunset?

I hope you enjoy this series of shots I snapped as the clouds skidded past. It only took about a minute for the clouds to blow away and the sun to sink to the point that the colors began fading to black. As always, thanks to Anna of Flutter & Hum for hosting Wednesday Vignette. Be sure to click over to see what wonderful scenes she and other bloggers have to share today.

Oh, and unlike the last time I shared sky scenes for my vignettes, there's no digital trickery to these shots. The colors were so gorgeous, I didn't see any point in messing them up.

This was probably my favorite part, because of that dark swirl in the top left. 

And also for these smaller swirls at the bottom.

One last shot, and then it started to fade quickly.


  1. Gorgeous! The one with the swirl at the top made me understand where mythological dragons come from. Great shots, Evan!

  2. Good thing you said it was a sunset.
    As difficult as our fire season was, without the explanation it could have easily seem like a fire scene; thankful its a glorious sunset. Very out-worldly and cool.

  3. Great shots, Evan! I love any pictures of the sky when it is something other than blue or gray. The colors here are so wonderfully fiery, and I like the swirls as well.

  4. Wow, great colors! We rented for a year when we first moved to Portland, that house faced west and had great sunset views. It was about a week after moving in here that I realized we had tall Fir trees blocking our sunset views. Not to mention the "living" side of the house faces east. I guess I'm trying to say I feel your pain.

  5. Beautiful colors. Like chavliness, though, I'm glad you mentioned your subject was a sunset because the photos brought fire to mind for me too.

  6. Hannah, I accidentally deleted your comment. "That is a marvelous fiery sunset, Evan! I like the black swirls too, almost like a wave breaking in the ocean. I've seen a few of those amazing fall sunsets here as well, they don't last long but are spectacular."

  7. We have a similar situation with tall trees so when the sky does light up like that it is even more special.


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