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Like many other garden bloggers at this time of year, there is so much going on in my garden that I can't help but to snap pictures of things that randomly tickle my fancy. These are just a few of the things that have been catching my eye in the last couple weeks.

A promising future foliage combo: Rhododendron campanulatum ssp. aeruginosum and a fine Acer circinatum seedling with good orange-red stems and orange-tipped leaves of light yellow-green. Can't wait for these two to grow up and fill in!

A better view of the foliage of the above vine maple.

Tiny fragrant flowers of Alyssum spinosum cover the domes of grey-green foliage for weeks.

Tender plants enjoying their summer vacation on the deck.

Hutchinsia alpina continues its virtually non-stop flowering. It hasn't achieved the full blanket of white that it has in past years, but then I can't remember what time of year it did that.

Garish or dramatic? 'Crimson Pygmy' Japanese barberry contrasts boldly with a chartreuse heather.

Hakonechloa japonica 'All Gold' provides a pool of sunshine in this rhododendron border.

Montia parvifolia, a PNW native, provides a scattering of faintest pink flowers around Stump St. Helens.

This native spreads by seed and from plantlets that form along the flowering stems. Easy to pull out if it gets too thick, which is unlikely as it's a very airy little plant.
Yucca filamentosa stalks skyrocket into the air. A bad case of thrips caused one to twist and spiral.

Molinia caerulea 'Variegata' backs Salvia nemorosa 'East Friesland' with another chartreuse heather in front. From this angle it looks pretty good, but this section (and the whole bed, really) needs some adjustment in spacing and re-balancing of deciduous and evergreen plants.
It's such a busy time in the garden. What's been making you smile lately?


  1. I do like random collection of shots of the garden which I think gives a really good overview of it. Looking fab, love the woodland feel and how neat and tidy it is :) Great plants too!

    1. Thanks! If you could really see the whole garden, you'd see how not "neat and tidy" it really is though!

  2. "Garish or dramatic?" Dramatic!

    Great shot of the yucca spikes too, mine are incredible this year and making me smile a lot.

    1. I prefer to think of it as dramatic, too! I love burgundy and lime green together.

      It's amazing how fast those yucca spikes grow. I need more yuccas, and different kinds. They are so tough and actually create a deer BARRIER! I can grow lilies behind those yuccas and the deer won't touch them.

  3. Garish? No way! Gorgeous is more like it. I love the combinations you've designed.

  4. I would like to explore the tissue culture route...sounds cool. Any suggested literature for tissue culture propogation of salal?

    1. Sorry, I wasn't able to find any. It's so easy from cuttings, stolons, and seeds there is probably little need for tissue culture.


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