Sending off the latest shipment

This is a delayed update on my shipping plants home ahead of my departure from North Carolina. It was a big box, and would have cost over $100 to ship by air, so I went with ground shipping and it's tying knots in my stomach. I could have just stuck them in the moving pod and they would have reached Washington in less time. But, they were already packed up, so...

At least I'll have pictures to remember them by if any don't make it.

They got together for one group picture. During the actual packing process, the Guzmania musaica, Fascicularia bicolor, and the three cacti all came down with a case of claustrophobia and decided to catch the next box. They're still waiting on the platform.

From left to right, before the scaredy cats jumped ship(ment). Back row: Guzmania musaica, Burbidgea scheizocheila
Middle row: Fascicularia bicolor, Quesnelia marmorata (get off of him, you little tillandia! You're going in the pod with the other plants!), Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri
Front row: Billbergia nutans, Orthophytum gurkenii, Schlumbergera truncata

Left to right. Back row: Vriesea 'Splenriet', Eucharis amazonica 'Christine'
Middle row: Schlumbergera x bridgesii (stayed with me), Calathea lanceolata
Front row: Chamaeranthemum venosum, Siderasis fuscata

My Blechnum gibbum didn't make the journey with this latest shipment. I just wanted to include this gratuitous shot of it with 3 new fronds! Twice the size of the sad old fronds it put out when I thought it was dying. And there's more on the way! I am thinking of shipping this one, too, though. 

And that concludes this edition of "My plants are running away from me." Tune in for the next installment (whenever that will be). 


  1. I bet they make it, fingers crossed...

    1. I hope so. Keep those fingers crossed! (Unless they start to cramp or you have to use them for something more productive, then you can uncross them.)

  2. Plants are surprisingly resilient creatures - these will be just fine and maybe they'll even enjoy the trip.

    1. They really are. And these ones made it! (Or so my parents assure me.)


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