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Wide shots

It's been quite some time since I shared wide views of the garden, or much of anything, really, so I thought I'd finally rectify that. Before I get into recent photos, here's a link to a post I did in 2017 , comparing how the garden had grown at that point to older photos. A better blogger might try to take photos from the same angles as those for a better comparison, but I'm doing this on the spur of the moment.  Without further ado, here is the garden in late spring of 2021 On June 3rd, the evening light was particularly nice and I took quite a few photos. This first one is a view looking southwest from the southeastern corner of the house. The plants on the right and along the dry creek bed get little to no supplemental water. The area on the other side of the creek bed typically stays damp well into summer, until you get under the trees in the background and then it can be bone dry before May. The evening sun highlights the bright green foliage of Cornus sanguinea &

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