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Doing the Garden Shuffle

Brace yourselves for a tangled look into the thought processes of a gardener. I'm sure it will look familiar to many of you, no matter what kinds of plants you grow. We all shuffle things around, trying a plant in one spot before deciding it might be better in another location. Sometimes a plant may be in one location for several years before we decide it needs to move. Sometimes it might be a few seconds before we realize, and the move is only a foot one way or another. I know I'm not the only gardener guilty of that last one, even with plants that will eventually grow large enough that it will never have mattered. Some plants may be better off on wheels, as many times as we move them. Gardens are constantly changing, never static.

This is also not a pretty post. This is a muddy, messy look at gardening, focusing on newly planted or young garden spaces that are far from polished and mature. We see picture-perfect gardens in magazines and on the internet all the time. It's…

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