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Appreciating what went right

I've done several posts this summer on the plants and garden areas that haven't worked out, and while I firmly believe in showing the uglier side of gardening, it's important to look at what is working, too. If you only focus on what's wrong, even a garden becomes depressing. Really, a lot of things have done very well this year and parts of the garden have been delighting me all season for one reason or another. These photos are all from September 3rd and thus a little outdated, but most of the plants shown haven't changed too much since then. I kept the photos smaller because there are so many, but I encourage you to click on the individual photos to see larger versions, especially the wider shots. They don't show so well as small photos.

Melianthus villosus surprised me this year by blooming. The flowers were fun curiosities, though not as showy or dramatic as those of its larger cousin, Melianthus major. As you can see, the Melianthus managed to reach just p…

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